We are looking for collaboration opportunities with investigators, research and clinical teams and organizations who recognize the benefits of using PandiCath® technology to address their clinical and research needs. The areas of particular interest for PANDICA team include treatment of acute pancreatitis, prevention of acute pancreatitis in patients post-ERCP, treatment of GI defects, trauma and bleeding, as well as diagnosis of pancreatic and hepatobiliary cancers and other diseases in the screening and confirmatory settings. We would love to hear from potential partners interested in further development and validation of the treatment and diagnostic methods enabled by PandiCath®.


We developed a range of fully functional devices PandiCath® with unique characteristics and multiple clinical and research applications. This proprietary technology has undergone clinical evaluation and demonstrated its effectiveness and safety in treating serious yet common conditions such as acute pancreatitis. Multiple patent applications have been submitted and in some cases already granted, covering the design, functionality and utility of our devices. Further clinical validation and implementation of treatment and diagnostic methods enabled by PandiCath® will result in significant clinical and economic benefits. We are looking for support in performing full-scale regulatory clinical trials, which would allow us to bring PandiCath® to the clinic to benefit patients.


If you are interested in exploring and developing the potential of our technology to diagnose diseases and treat patients or simply want to know more about multiple applications of PandiCath® and our plans to bring these capabilities to the clinic, please contact us at
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