Diagnostic Applications of PandiCath®

The functionality of PandiCath® enables selective collection of large quantities of physiologically and biochemically relevant biomaterials from targeted parts of GI tract. These biomaterials could be used as highly informative testing matrix in a variety of diagnostic applications including confirming results of other tests, e.g. blood-based liquid biopsy.

Detection of pancreatic cancer and precancerous conditions in screening and confirmatory settings
Diagnosis of liver, gallbladder and bile duct cancer
Bacteriological analysis of bile and pancreatic juice
Functional evaluation of liver and pancreas: biochemical analysis, proteinogram, etc
Diagnosis and monitoring of treatment effectiveness of viral hepatitis
Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases of liver, bile ducts and pancreas
Drug metabolism evaluation (DMPK) in bile

Targeted evaluation of microbiome in a selected part of gastrointestinal tract